Janneman in Holland.

Poland 2008

Jan in Holland? No. Jan in Poland. Just barely one week back in Holland I took the plane again to go on holiday to Poland with 4 friends from my studies. It was definitely a guys only holiday.Together with Joeri, Matthijs, Bob & Sietse we went with the always reliable Wizz Air to the east of Europe.

The flight to Poland was an absolute nightmare. We landed in a thunderstorm. And yes, the lightning struck the airplane. And I thought I was over my fear of flying. Now, not anymore. But luckily  the plan landed safely. (after 2 aborted landings)

First we went to Krakow. This is a real nice Polish town, with lots of history and culture. Oh my gosh, I needed a culture shot after 6 months USA. Nice European streets with no cars and terraces filled with people enjoying life (and beer).The Krakow nightlife was very entertaining.

On the fourth day we made a visit to Auschwitz, the concentrationcamp of the 2nd World War. This made a huge impact on me. The preciseness and systematic manner on which millions of people were murdered. It was really a murder factory.It strange that the place is now filled with tourist complete with fast food stalls…what a world.

After our visit to Auschwitz we went by train to second city of our trip. Wroclaw. You pronounce this in english as wrotzswav or so. Wroclaw was maybe less cultural then Krakow, but still very interesting. The nightlife was again very lively Did I mention that Polish girls are pretty georgous in general?

Anyway, after 3 days of Wroclaw is was time to pack our stuff and fly back to good old Holland. It was a nice trip with lots of beer and wodka, and it was really good to see my buddies again.

Some pics of me and my friends in the Polish adventure:

More pictures (more of buildings and stuff) can be found HERE:

Poland 2008

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