Janneman in Holland.

A Big tent and lots of beer
augustus 3, 2008, 1:35 pm
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Last saturdaynight it was the biggest event of the year in Angeren. The yearly fancy fair! In the first weekend of August the whole village basically goes nuts. The normal quite town becomes a party place for people from the whole area.

The whole village gathers in a huge tent somewhere in the grass-land. In there it’s all about drinking beer and chatting up with old friends. This is what it looks like:

At this yearly fancy fair a lot of people that have left Angeren to live somewhere else come back. So it’s really great to see that old schoolmates again. This year I even saw my elementary school teacher again. Miss Gerdien! She was still gorgeous like in the good old days! She basically stood at the start of my academic career. Kudos for Gerdien.

My school friend Julian with two local babes.

Gotta love Dutch girls.

The music is provided by Summerland, the hottest band from the Netherlands… đŸ˜‰

Outside there is something typically Dutch. A snackwall. I’ve never seen it in other countries. You put a euro into the wall, you can open the door, and your snack is there. Easy and really delicious (when you are drunk).

Together with the notorious after parties, I was in my bed at 6 in the morning. The fancy fair is ofcourse not hip at all, but still, it’s great to see all those childhood friends once a year. Next year, I will be there again.


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