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juli 10, 2008, 10:16 am
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Okay. Audience change. Language change. From now on this blog will be in English, for the friends accross the pond to follow my life back in Holland. It will just the other way around 🙂

I arrived wednesday early morning on Dusseldorf Airport. My friends Jan-Henk & Stef and my brother Niels were waiting at the airport with a banner!

It reads: “Welcome Home, Niels!” What was a joke, ofcouse. Because Niels is the name of my brother. Crazy Dutch Guys. I was really surprised by the banner.

Coffee at the airport.

Then the drive home from Dusseldorf to….Angeren. My small home town. Really nothing had changed. Time stands really still here. We chilled out and had some beers in the living room.

Then mom and dad came home.



Then 2 other friends arrived. Pim & Rob.

And finally, Julian arrived.

The welcome committee was complete 🙂 and then we got a dutch ‘Portie Frikandel Speciaal’ This is dutch fast food that i really missed. It was great. (it tastes better then it looks)

Here I was. Back in my small home town in my living room. God, I miss Princeton allready.


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Great idea changing the language and stuff! Not that I didn’t understand the posts in Dutch, but some words were always missing. Speaking of it, I found the word I was asking you about: “Teut-modus”. It’s under the last photo in the French party post! Explanation please!
It’s 11:30 now, time to make lunch plans. How to do it without you? Feels weird.

Reactie door The Podsmeister

Jan, that’s nice. Now I understand my friends, they want to see pictures of me too… so please, post yourself!

Oh I can see the shoes…

It’s so quiet in the office and no one makes lunch plans… buhuuuuuuu

Reactie door Jules

Not even I come passing by and make some action in de house! Haha!!!

Reactie door Orlando

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